COVID-19 Update

COVID – 19 Update

Updated 1st June 2020

Dear Patients,

We hope all of you are well. We are pleased to report that during the lockdown very few of you required emergency treatment, so well done all of you for your efforts in maintaining good oral health.

You are probably aware that the government has issued the statement that Dentists can be open from Monday, the 8th of June onward. From this statement one may assume that it is now safe to visit your dentist. You may also be aware that it is not safe to visit your hairdresser until at least July.

Dentistry is risky because we are operating in an environment from which the virus can be spread by the droplets of water we generate called aerosols. To prevent that spread we have to have high levels of PPE and low levels of virus in our patients, both of which we can’t guarantee at the moment given the Covid alert is still at level 4. Additionally, the generation of aerosols is very difficult to avoid in most dental procedures.

Another aspect of the balance of risk is the vulnerability of our patients. Many of our patients are not spring chickens, and some of you are medically compromised and are therefore more vulnerable.

As we stated earlier you are all coping very well without our intervention and we have a referral system in place to urgent dental clinics which have sufficient resources to manage a real emergency.

Our receptionist has been operating every day since the lockdown started and will help you get in touch with your dentist. This service will continue to be available.

We are planning to return to work as soon as we feel the situation has improved and are making appropriate plans which we will inform you of as we get closer to reopening.  The practice of dentistry will inevitably look very different post Covid-19 but please be rest assured we have your interests and safety at heart and we do have the desire to move forward from the present impasse in which we find ourselves, but only when we feel it is safe to do so.

Best wishes to you all,

Bealby and Jones